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General  Conflict Management Resources

  • Australia:
  • Belgium:
  • Canada: U. Victoria's Institute for Dispute Resolution
  • France:
  • Israel: Steinmetz Center for Peace ResearchTAU
  • AOM conflict management division & AoM & Newsletter
  • Comprehensive list of Academic Resources & Programs in Higher Education
  • EFC, Environmental Framing Consortium
  • Peacemakers Trust Peacemakers Trust: Links to Other Website Research Resources (Catherine Morris)
  • ChooseLaw, devoted to the legal profession and those who depend on it.
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     Centers & Organizations

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    TheoryTheory,  Cases  Materials

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    MediationMediation, Intervention Other Intervention

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    Misc. contexts

    UDHR Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
    Resolving Conflict Creatively

    Cyberspace: The Middle East Peace Process
    CAVNET, Communities Against Violence Network
    PAVNET, Partnership against Violence Network (youth at risk)
    SCHOOL Mediation/Center for Adolescent Studies Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Peer Resources Resolve-it College, with Campus Conflict Resolution Resources with Conflict Management in Higher Education Report

    Community Revitalization Community Growth & Change
    MINCAVA, Minnesota Center Against Violence & Abuse, with DV links
    Dealing with Harassment at MIT
    Alternatives to Youth Violence: various links
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    MORE on the Environment?  Yes

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    MiscMiscellaneous Hot Links

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