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Census Tract Maps

For more maps see: Census Based Maps | Cleveland City Ward and Neighborhood Maps | Legislative District Maps | Map Gallery

For help printing maps click here. NODIS GIS specialists create maps on a user requested basis. Contact NODIS with your request at (216) 687-2209.


2010 Census Tract Maps by County

2010cleveland.png 2010 Census Tracts in Cleveland 2010ctlake.png 2010 Census Tracts Lake County

2010 Census Tract in Cuyahoga County

2010ctlorain.png 2010 Census Tracts Lorain County
2010CTeastern.png 2010 Census Tracts Eastern Portion of Cuyahoga County 2010ctmedina.png 2010 Census Tracts Medina County
2010geauga.png 2010 Census Tracts Geauga County 2010ctwestern.png 2010 Census Tracts Western Portion of Cuyahoga County


2010 Census Tract Maps with Cities and Roads

 2010 Cuyahoga County Census Tracts 2010 Cuyahoga County Census Tracts with Roads

2000 Tract Maps of the Eight-County Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA)

NOTE: The maps below show Census 2000 tract boundaries and labels, along with municipalities and townships. They are formatted at ledger (11X17 inch) size and are designed for viewing on the computer, NOT FOR PRINTING. In order to provide visible labels they are printed in very small font and WILL NOT BE LEGIBLE if printed. When viewed in Acrobat Reader the user can zoom in to maximum scale in order to read boundaries and labels. Select the "Zoom" button and then box in the area of interest, zooming further until labels are legible.

Contact NODIS (216-687-2209) for paper versions of tract maps at various sizes.

CT_Ashtabula.png 2000 Census Tracts in Ashtabula County CT_Lorain.png 2000 Census Tracts in Lorain County
Census Tract Map for Cuyahoga County

2000 Census Tract in Cuyahoga County Click here for PDF version

Note: This map is very large & may not be viewable on PCs with old browsers/less memory

CT_Medina.png 2000 Census Tracts in Medina County
CT_ClevAkrLor_CMA.png 2000 Census Tracts in the Cleveland-Akron-Lorain Consolidated Metropolitan Area CT_Portage.png 2000 Census Tracts in Portage County
CT_Geauga.png 2000 Census Tracts in Geauga County CT_Summit.png 2000 Census Tracts in Summit County
CT_Lake.png 2000 Census Tracts in Lake County    


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