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The Center for Population Dynamics at Cleveland State University’s Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs aims to help partner organizations competitively position Greater Cleveland for economic and community development. It will do so through the lens of migration, applied demography, and culture.

Migration is key to regional competitiveness. With migration comes a deepening of a city's idea bank and an enrichment of its global connectivity. With migration comes growth. Absent a flow of people, metros struggle to find their footing in the information age.

The mission of the Center for Population Dynamics is rather simple: to answer to leading demographic trends flowing into the region as opposed to the lagging trends flowing out. This will be accomplished through innovative analyses that look beyond broad-brush metrics so as to uncover microtrends of growth. After all, planning for emergent demographic trends flowing into Greater Cleveland is far more efficient than attempting to reverse long-standing demographic trends of outmigration.

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